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Agora 2007 - Utopia ExoticaIrcam - Centre Pompidou


Friday, June 22, 2007


A trampoline for new creation in two jumps - the initial sketch worked on with the musicians that preceded the confirmation of the work's creation. These four creations mix with an early work by the now prominent artist, Michael Jarrell.

sonorous gardenA Project of sonorous garden

As a part of the laying out of the park for the Cité internationale des Arts, the Paris city hall and IRCAM have come together to create a sonorous garden. A composer and landscape designers work together to metamorphose a public space and offer you an introductory visit.

colloquiumThe Profession of "Computer Musician" / First Day

A composer, usually isolated, meets with an honored interlocutor - the computer music producer - at work in the studio. What practices (temporality, work-sharing, signing the work, integration of advanced technology, etc.) and functions will be invented this way?