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Agora 2007 - Utopia ExoticaIrcam - Centre Pompidou


Forum Workshops

These workshops bring together users of IRCAM software (composers, scientists, sound engineers, etc.) to meet, compare their experiences, and meet the different research teams at the institute.

During the IRCAM Forum Workshops, users discover software programs and news as well as different approaches for producing projects combining several programs while discovering the projects of other users.  This is also a perfect time to touch base with IRCAM's research teams.

During the Agora festival, these workshops will center on the concert on studies at the Centre Pompidou on June 14, 2007.

First day | Tuesday, June 12
Second day | Wednesday, June 13
Third day | Thursday, June 14

IRCAM, salle Stravinsky and Studio 5

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