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Agora 2007 - Utopia ExoticaIrcam - Centre Pompidou


Utopia: Opening

The pioneering spirit of Edgard Varèse, whose poème électronique will be presented with the film "Virtual Electronic Poem", a project coordinated by Professor Vincenzo Lombardo that reconstructs Poème électronique originally imagined by Le Corbusier inspires Agora and surrounds a young composer's musical creation.

8:30pm / Centre Pompidou (Grande salle) and IRCAM (Espace de projection) | Wednesday, June 6

Workshops CNSMD of Paris

Young instrumentalists from the CNSMD of Paris present the IRCAM carried out work at the public, within the framework of master classes around mixed works.

6pm-8pm / IRCAM, salle Stravinsky | Friday, June 8 and Wednesday, 20

First Day at GRM, Maison de Radio France

10am-6pm / GRM, Maison de Radio France Studio 116 GRM | Thursday, June 14

Symposium on New Computational Paradigms for Computer Music

The musical language used by software programs is dependant on conceptual models (paradigms) invented by computer programmers and researchers in computer music. Which recent computer paradigms may possibly expand the vocabulary of music? Which musical models - especially concerning the representation of time - could be the inspiration for computer science?

9:30am-7pm / IRCAM, salle Stravinsky | Monday, June 11

Forum Workshops

IRCAM, salle Stravinsky and Studio 5

These workshops bring together users of IRCAM software (composers, scientists, sound engineers, etc.) to meet, compare their experiences, and meet the different research teams at the institute.

First day | Tuesday, June 12
Second day | Wednesday, June 13
Third day | Thursday, June 14

The Electronic Ballet

Following the danced creations of Andrea Vigani and Hèctor Parra, IRCAM and the CNSMD of Lyon have joined forces for the third consecutive year. Upon completing the Cursus program at IRCAM, Raphaël Cendo met the choreographer Olivia Grandville.

8:30pm / IRCAM, Espace de projection | Tuesday, June 12


7:30pm / IRCAM, Espace de projection | Thursday, June 14

Words of Stefano Gervasoni

The poetics of Stefano Gervasoni spring up shockingly between the resonant and the scarcely uttered. Simplicity becomes ambiguity, the surface composed infinitely of timbres becomes the depth of perception.

5pm / IRCAM, Espace de projection | Sunday, June 17

Improvisations Emmanuel Nunes

8pm / IRCAM, Espace de projection | Tuesday, June 19

The Profession of "Computer Musician"

A composer, usually isolated, meets with an honored interlocutor - the computer music producer - at work in the studio. What practices (temporality, work-sharing, signing the work, integration of advanced technology, etc.) and functions will be invented this way?

First Day | Friday, June 22
Second Day | Saturday, June 23


A trampoline for new creation in two jumps - the initial sketch worked on with the musicians that preceded the confirmation of the work's creation. These four creations mix with an early work by the now prominent artist, Michael Jarrell.

8:30pm / IRCAM, Espace de projection | Friday, June 22