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Agora 2007 - Utopia ExoticaIrcam - Centre Pompidou


Utopia: Opening

The pioneering spirit of Edgard Varèse, whose poème électronique will be presented with the film "Virtual Electronic Poem", a project coordinated by Professor Vincenzo Lombardo that reconstructs Poème électronique originally imagined by Le Corbusier inspires Agora and surrounds a young composer's musical creation.

Designed to take place in two separate spaces with two separate, synchronized ensembles, Valerio Sannicandro's work will be performed simultaneously in locations at IRCAM and at the Centre Pompidou. This work appeals to the audience's memory. The audience perceives the same music from a different perspective by changing location.


  • Valerio Sannicandro Ius Lucis, for two ensembles in two theaters, commissioned by the President of the Centre Pompidou, World Premiere (30')
  • Edgard Varèse Poème électronique / Projection of the project "Virtual Electronic Poem", a reconstruction using virtual reality and binaural audiotechniques (coordination/Professor Vincenzo Lombardo) (7')
  • Edgard Varèse Intégrales, for 11 wind instruments and percussions (11')


Ensemble intercontemporain | Conducted by François-Xavier Roth | IRCAM Computer Music Production Serge Lemouton

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Ensemble intercontemporain coproduction. Co-organized by IRCAM and Les Spectacles vivants - Centre Pompidou with the support of Sacem.

Photo: excerpts from Poème électronique

Wednesday, June 6, 8:30pm / Centre Pompidou (Grande salle) and IRCAM (Espace de projection)

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